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Thank you so much for being such an awesome PH. I've learned Afrikaans, identified bugs and even got my first kill thanks to you! I can't thank you enough for being an awesome mentor, and I hope to see you again & get that Jackal! I will never forget riding in the jeep back to camp at chui time and eating Lion, Zebra, Bleskbok and Black Wildebeest! You are the best hunter in the world

Richard (jnr) Bueschsenscuetz - 12yrs old - 2018

This trip was something I have fantasized about since I was a kid in high school & dreamed of hunting Africa. Thanks for making the dream come true. It was fantastic and far more than what I had hoped for. Five great trophies to take home and admire forever! Looking forward for a return hunt for Cape Buffalo. 

John & Mary Kay April. Martville, NY - Plains Game 2017

Thank you again for a FANTASTIC Safari that exceeded all expectations! You showed us the real Africa, not only the hunting but also the culture,  land and customs. I plan to come back to hunt with you as many times as I can, and cant wait to start bringing my kids.

Thanks again Safari Njema!

Peitu - 2019


  • We as hunters will conduct ourselves professionally in a manner which will reflect honesty, integrity and morality.


  • obey all laws of the land


  • will not misrepresent ourselves to clients in any way or mislead any client


  • will not allow material gain to supercede principals of fair chase


  • will not hunt any wild animal that is not normally self-sustainable nor in its natural state


  • will at all time employ humane hunting practices


  • will not hunt female wild animals with dependent offspring


  • will not allow any client to shoot at animals at a distance beyond the capability of their competence or that clients equipment


  • will respect local communities’ property and input.

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