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Hunting is an art that runs in our blood!

Meet your outfitter Piet (Pete) Steyn, founder and CEO of Safari Njema. With over 20 years experience combined with Piet's exceptional hunting skill-set, Safari Njema has become one of the most remarkable African Hunting Outfitters known.

Piet's personal dedication to the hunting challenge will produce rewarding results for any aspiring hunter.


His love and respect for nature is part of who he is as a person, and takes particular satisfaction in sharing his passion for the great outdoors and the safari experience with others.


  • We as hunters will conduct ourselves professionally in a manner which will reflect honesty, integrity and morality.


  • obey all laws of the land


  • will not misrepresent ourselves to clients in any way or mislead any client


  • will not allow material gain to supercede principals of fair chase


  • will not hunt any wild animal that is not normally self-sustainable nor in its natural state


  • will at all time employ humane hunting practices


  • will not hunt female wild animals with dependent offspring


  • will not allow any client to shoot at animals at a distance beyond the capability of their competence or that clients equipment


  • will respect local communities’ property and input.

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