Hunting safaris in South Africa with Safari Njema

Hunting Dangerous Game Testimonial

Rich Buechsenschuetz

Piet, I wish I was back in the bush. We took the kids to San Diego Safari Park this weekend; it’s an open-air park in the semi-desert where they have a lot of African animals together in a big open area. Quite a few white rhino, Common Eland, some pretty pathetic cape buffalo and a bunch of other animals. It was good to see the animals, but so far from reality, as to be laughable. Some of the “interesting” things our guide told us, is that Blesbuck is endangered solely because Americans are shooting them for their horns and that Red-back Duiker are threatened because of commercial bushmeat poaching, and that Zebra is always in the open in the green plains and therefore very easy to spot at long distances! HA HA. At least my son didn’t volunteer that “my daddy shots those” or I would have been thrown in with the Transvaal lions (very large male with a huge zoo mane!).

Our appreciation for a safari that exceeded all expectations!

We achieved all of our goals, you worked hard and looked after me and Dirk (Babu) tirelessly to deliver a classic Tanzanian safari and helped us sort innumerable details in our complicated but in the end effective travel plan. Thank you again and I hope to hunt with you again in the near future, although I’ll have to convince my wife! By the way we bought some Pili Pili Mbuzi and some Aromat at the store by the Sea Cliff village, and we have it with every meal! LA, CA