Big five game animals with Safari Njema

Hunting Big 5 Testimonial

Jim Sink

Well, Piet, we have just finished our fourth safari. Each one better than the last. What started as a plains game hunt, has progressed to lion, leopard and now elephant. The reason I return to you each time is your attention to detail and my trust in your professionalism and expertise. Always nice to see you and now De-wald, a fine young man. Have a great year and I will see you at the Dixie Deer Classic!!  Piet, we have now completed hunting Big 5, not bad uh?  Must admit the buffalo about kicked my butt. Those hills and rocks were tough on the old knees but not a bad shot through the bush!! And the rhino, spectacular!!! Not a bad stalk if I say so myself. It is hard to walk through the plains of Africa without stepping on the grass!!! But we did it!! Really glad we did not kill that magnificent beast!! Not sure if I will be back here hunting, but it has been quite a ride and I am sure our paths will cross many more times!