Tanzanian leopard hunt 2015 – Volume 4

Dear Friends, Fellow Hunters & Adventurers

We just got back from a very successful hunt in Tanzania. Mr. S and his son joined us on a 16 Day Safari in Kilwa, Tanzania, primarily hunting for Leopard.  Upon arrival, we booked our clients into the Sea Cliff Hotel in Dar es Salaam for a 1-night complimentary stay, before chartering to the bush the next day!  Early the next morning we had the charter ready and we were for 16 days of hunting and adventure in the wild Tanzanian bush!  After landing on the gravel airstrip, we still had a 3-hour drive to camp, where our clients had 50 x 80 square miles of exclusive hunting!  Hunting started early the next morning and our first objective was to get something big, in order to hang bait for Leopard.  We were hoping for Hippo, but as it is a very dry season in Kilwa area, there were barely any water in the rivers so Hippo was off the menu - for now at least.  We did manage to get a Lichtenstein Hartebeest and a Warthog on the 1st day though, and young Mr B made excellent shots on both animals!  We immediately started hanging baits, as they take up to 4 days to start attracting any predator interest.

Tanzanian leopard hunt 2015 with Safari Njema

Tanzanian leopard hunt 2015 with Safari Njema

The next day was again an early morning start and on the way out the trackers spotted some Buffalo!  After a good stalk, we spotted an old Dagga Boy separated from the herd.  Piet decided to stalk up on him and again Mr. B made a perfect shot on him, dropping it right in its tracks with his 470 Blaser.  The following days were almost like clockwork, hanging baits and hunting for more meat!  Mr. B took another Hartebeest, a beautiful Roseveld Sable, and another big Dagga Boy, who nearly trampled us!!  With the water being scarce and a lot of the plains game moving out the area, the lions started focussing more on buffalo for their diet.  This old Dagga Boy obviously had some run-ins with lions as he was really pissed off and were all scarred up and had one bad eye.  We spotted him in the riverbed and as we stalked up, he was gone.  We slowly progressed into the tall grass, knowing he must be there somewhere, when he suddenly emerged from the bush, darted towards us, stopped and stared us down, a mere 30 feet away.  PH Piet stood his ground as he waved the client closer to take the shot.  The Buff then decided to turn in the other direction, but young Mr. B was quick on the trigger and put two shots in him, taking him down!  Well done on some fine shooting Sir!  As we had lots of bait up and coming to day 9 of the safari, we finally had a big Tom on bait and then it was time to build the blind!  We sat the first afternoon, without any luck and decided to move the blind the next day as the wind was really bad.  So the next day we sat and first a female came to feast.  After what seemed like forever, the big Tom finally jumped in the tree and Mr. B took the chance he was waiting for and made a really good shot.  A big Kabubi was waiting for us back at camp!!

In the following days, Mr. B also took Zebra, Baboon, Oribi, Hyena, Kudu, Duiker & Bushbuck, which brings his safari total to 16 Days - 16 Animals!

 Thank you guys for a great safari, we look forward to hunting with you again!

Happy Hunting, Amanda & Piet

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