Second time hunt 2016 – Volume 1

Dear Friends, Fellow Hunters & Adventurers

We had an early start to the season this year, with the great privilege to once again hunt with Trent & Patti Thomas!  This was their second time hunting with us, since first we met them in 2014.  Upon arrival back from a very successful trip to the USA, we welcomed the Thomas’s at our new hunting concession in the heart of the Western Cape of South Africa!  Trent was all about the hunt and needless to say we wasted no time in getting into the hills and valleys looking for Kudu, Gemsbuck, and Eland, to name a few.  On the fist day of hunting, Trent took his first animal: Gemsbuck!  It was a great shot after a long stalk, but then the hard work began, getting it out of the mountain to the closest road for the vehicle to pick it up!  All the hard work of packing out the Gemsbuck soon paid off when we spotted a GREAT Kudu bull out on his late afternoon stroll.  We don’t know who was most surprised us or the Kudu.  Trent was in heaven as he took this magnificent trophy!  What a great end to the day, congratulations Sir!

Second time hunt for 2016 - Volume 1 with Safari Njema

Second time hunt for 2016 - Volume 1 with Safari Njema

After the first couple days of hunting, miss Patti and Amanda decided to do some sightseeing and adventure safaris.  We took a trip to Oudtshoorn and spend the morning exploring the Cango Caves.  Quite challenging as some spots get very tight as you have to crawl and maneuver through them.  The afternoon was spent taking pictures of the beautiful Rust & Vrede waterfalls and an outdoor lunch at Buffelsdrift.  All the while, Piet and Trent were out hunting Eland and got a very nice bull.  They were absolutely exhausted by the time we got back to the hunting lodge, as they shot the Eland at the very top of the mountain (where they like to hang out) and again had to spend the whole afternoon packing it out!  The last couple days were spent hunting for Black Wildebeest and Red Hartebeest.  The Black Wildebeest was taken by Trent in the early morning hours and after a lot of hiking hills and glassing from mountain tops, Trent finally got the opportunity at a big Red Hartebeest Bull.  Once spotted, Piet and Trent set out to see if they could get close enough for a good shot.  After about an hour of stalking, they finally got within position and Trent took his Hartebeest Trophy!

Thank you for another great safari guys, it is always such a pleasure to have you on safari with us! 

 Thank you for your wonderful friendship, we look forward to the next time we see each other again!  Our next clients will be arriving on the 9th of May, we look forward to having Mr. Patterson and his daughter on safari with us.  We wish everybody a very successful hunting season, and to all our American Friends, enjoy the summertime!

Happy Hunting, Amanda & Piet

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