Mid-season hunt 2016 – Volume 4

Dear Friends, Fellow Hunters & Adventurers

We are very blessed to have had such a busy season, so far!! We recently had Mr. & Mrs. Charles and their 2 daughters on safari with us. Mr. Charles has hunted with us before in KZN last year, and he and his family decided to join us once again as he wanted to add Gemsbuck, Black Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest and Eland to his trophy room. While the guys were out hunting, Miss. Yorbi and the girls were out on Adventure, exploring beautiful South Africa a little more! While James and Piet were having a very successful hunt on the first day, taking a Black Wildebeest, Amanda, Miss. Yorbi, Vita & Daria were crawling through caves and experiencing close up encounters with Cheetah, Lemurs and some colorful birds!  That night, everybody was excited around the campfire, talking about the adventures of the day. For the next couple days, Mr. Charles struggled a bit with the hunting, having no success in taking any animals, but his luck soon turned on the 4th day, when he shot a beautiful Gemsbuck, as well as an Eland in one day! The girls were having the time of their lives, riding elephants, feeding them and racing downhill through the Forest on cooters!! (the go-pro never lies). In the evenings, stick bread was to be made on the fire, once again, as this is something we taught the girls how to make, last year! The Safari ended on a great note, with Mr. Charles taking a really nice trophy Red Hartebeest! We had a blast with you guys, once again, and greatly look forward to seeing you all soon!

Mid-season hunt 2016 with Safari Njema

Mid-season hunt 2016 with Safari Njema

Not long after the Charles left, we had Mr. Tedd Cox and his granddaughter Rebecca with us on safari for the first time! Mr. Cox really wanted to hunt Kudu as this was a lifelong dream of his! Well, the Kudu and the weather, really made us work hard for it as it was cold and cloudy and rainy and everything was hiding away from it all! On his first day though, Mr. Cox got a very nice Gemsbuck, a great blessing, as they only had 4 days to spend with us. After a lot of spotting and stalking, he finally got a shot at a Kudu and made it count!! It was early morning, still cold and cloudy when we spotted them on the side of the hill down in a valley, as soon as we spotted them, they also saw us! Tedd had only about a few seconds to get into position for the shot, and did so perfectly!

Congratulations, Sir!!  As these were the 2 animals he most wanted, he gave the rest of their time here for Becca to decide what she wants to do.

She decided to take a walk on the wild side and wanted to go walk with lions!! There was also some Lemurs, Cheetah cubs and scooting down mountains involved, but walking with the King of the Jungle was Becca’s dream! Unbelievably, after all this, there was still some time left on their safari, so Mr. Cox decided to hunt some more. Late afternoon on the last day of their safari, he took a very good Black Wildebeest! 

We had a wonderful safari with you guys...

...and hope to see you back in Africa for yet another adventure!

Happy Hunting, Amanda & Piet

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