Last hunt 2016 – Volume 5

Dear Friends, Fellow Hunters & Adventurers

During mid-June, we had the pleasure of hunting with Mr. Shawn McNabb and Ms. Mandy O’Donovan.  Since arriving at the airport, we just knew that we were going to have an amazing week of hunting, as everyone instantly bonded! As soon as we reached the lodge, the guns were unpacked and off to the shooting range for target reassurance. With Piet and Shawn both eager to start the hunt, the guys did not waste much time on the range, before they were off to start the hunt. That first afternoon, Shawn got the opportunity at the very good Red Hartebeest. The shot was not perfect, which gave the dogs an opportunity to show off their tracking and baying skills! Only a few moments later, they had the Hartebeest cornered and gave Shawn the chance to put him down.  Everybody was very excited, including the dogs, as this was Shawn’s first African animal.  The next couple days the weather turned bad on us, with rain pouring down, making it hard to spot or even find animals. Mandy grabbed this opportunity to drag Shawn on some sightseeing Adventure! We visited the Cango Caves, Wildlife Ranch and even did some wine tasting!  On the 4th day, the weather started clearing up and it was back to the hunt with full enthusiasm! Shawn took a very nice Gemsbuck, a Huge Eland bull a Kudu and also a Black Wildebeest in the next couple days.

Last hunt 2016, volume 5, Safari Njema

Last hunt 2016, volume 5, Safari Njema

Finally, us ladies also had the opportunity to hunt, as Mandy decided that she could not let Shawn have ALL the fun, and wanted to hunt Impala for herself. Early that morning we left on foot from the lodge, hoping to find some Impala males we spotted not too far out, late the previous afternoon. Shawn followed behind with the video camera, as this would be Mandy’s first ever animal to hunt. Unfortunately, we had no luck in finding those 2 males we spotted before and decided to regroup back at the lodge. After a few minutes driving around with the vehicle, we spotted some male Impala, two youngsters, and a very nice mature buck. We got off
and started in their directions, but they winded us and took off.  We pursued and about 40 minutes later, we saw them at a distance of 280 yards.  I asked Mandy if she was comfortable to take such a long shot.   She did not hesitate but wanted to be exactly sure of her aiming point. After a couple of deep breaths, she took aim and a moment later the shot hit!  We gave it a few minutes and then followed up, as we lost it out of sight.  After following a good blood trail and spotting it a few times, we finally decided to call in the dogs. They were lightning fast on the track and recovered the Impala within 15 minutes. 

Congratulations to both of you on some great trophies!

We had the best time hunting with you and will always remember the memories shared around the fires at night.  Looking forward to seeing you both again soon!

Happy Hunting, Amanda & Piet

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