First Time Hunter 2016 – Volume 3

Dear Friends, Fellow Hunters & Adventurers

We recently had the privilege of enjoying the company of Mr. Adam Patterson and his daughter Christine from California. It was their first time hunting with us as well as their first time to Africa!!  Mr. Patterson hunted with his 300 WinMag, shooting a 200gr bullet. His first day started with great success when we spotted some Impala at a distance of 461 yards.  As Mr. Patterson is very comfortable at shooting long distance, Piet let him settle in for the shot. Adam took the chance and made a good shot with the Impala running about 100yards before dropping.  After pictures and ?eld dressing, we were off to hunt some more. It was only late afternoon before Christine spotted a very nice Kudu bull. It was about 380yards and Mr. Patterson decided to take the shot. The Kudu dropped in its tracks with a great shot from Mr. Patterson. What a great end to the first day, with smiles and congratulations all round!  The evening was spent around the campfire, reminiscing about the successes of the day.

first time hunter 2016 with Safari Njema

first time hunter 2016 with Safari Njema

After an early morning breakfast, we were out in the mountains again, this time looking for Gemsbuck.  Piet passed up a few before we finally spotted a big bull. Everything happened really fast and it was about 200 yards when Adam took the first shot.  Unfortunately, it was a bit of a shaky shot from the shooting sticks and he shot it through the neck.  The Gemsbuck took off and we had to eventually put the dogs on the blood trail.  After about 40min, Piet and the tracker were on it and Mr. Patterson had the opportunity to take down his Gemsbuck!  Good work guys!!

The afternoon hunt appeared to be fruitless and just as we were on our way back to camp, a beautiful Red Hartebeest Bull was spotted.  Piet would not allow Mr. Patterson to pass this one up, so they were off to see if they could get a shot.  They opted to take a prone shooting position and Adam spined the Red Hartebeest,  dropping it instantly!  Yet another end to a “perfect” day!  Early the next morning we took Adam to a neighboring property to look for Blue Wildebeest & Eland.  Around 10 am we spotted a good trophy Blue Wildebeest and the guys were off once again to put a stalk on it.  They got within 80yards of it and Mr. Patterson made another perfect shot! Good shooting Sir!!  The afternoon hunt ended with a lot of stalking on Eland, but without any success.  As they only had one more day left, Christine wanted to do some sightseeing, so she and Amanda were off the next morning to visit the Cango Wildlife Ranch for some animal interactions and sightseeing.  While Christine was petting Cheetah cubs and enjoying the day out, Mr. Patterson finally got a chance on his Eland Bull and took a nice trophy. 

Congratulations to both of you on some great trophies!

We would like to thank you guys for an amazing safari and for great memories made, we greatly look forward to seeing you both back in South Africa for some more hunting and Adventure!!

Happy Hunting, Amanda & Piet

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