Cape Buffalo hunt 2015 – Volume 5

Dear Friends, Fellow Hunters & Adventurers

Buffalo hunting was in the order of the day these past months!  Firstly we had Dave Eisenhower, and his wife Susan, on safari with us.  They were eagerly joined by their son Seth, who could not let this opportunity slip to hunt Buffalo in Africa with his dad!  We were off to an early start the first morning tracking and stalking.  Soon enough we were on the herd and  Mr. Dave had his first opportunity at a big Buff!  However, with the thick bush and swirling winds, the buffalo took off before we could get a shot.  After quite a few miles and stalks, Dave finally got a shot... they took off.... we waited... Then the follow-up began, the shot was a little bit lower than anticipated.  This is when the PH needs to be very careful, while the client's heart is beating in his throat...  All turned out well when Mr. Dave made a perfect second shot, killing the beast in its tracks.  Now it was Seth's turn, after taking lots of pics and getting the Buffalo to the skinning shed and into the salt, we were out stalking and tracking again.  With a little bit of friendly competition between father and son, Seth was ready to get his buff.  It took only one perfect shot to get his Buffalo down and Seth was all smiles!!  Miss Susan was happy to take video and photos of the guys hunt, as long as they would go sightseeing with her afterwards.  The guys also took a Zebra and Blue wildebeest each.  We still had plenty of time to kill and decided to go do some day tours, visiting local Zulu villages and enjoying a leisurely boat cruise, viewing Hippos and crocs.

Cape buffalo hunt 2015 with Safari Njema

Cape buffalo hunt 2015 with Safari Njema

Next up was Mr. Russel Selvidge and Miss. Pati Morgan.  They also joined us on a Buffalo Safari, this being uncle Russels big dream!  With uncle Russel being almost 80, his knees was limiting him to walk only short distances.  Even so, we managed to get him set up on a Buffalo within the rest day of his safari!  He took a perfect shot on his buffalo!  Miss Pati joined him in the hope to hunt a Zebra, she just took up hunting very recently and just could not resist a trip to Africa!  Needles to say that she was ecstatic to get a chance on her Zebra, and made a perfect kill shot as well!  Seeing how excited she was and how much she was enjoying the hunting, Mr Russel decided to also let her hunt the Blue Wildebeest that he got as an add on to the Buffalo.  Miss Pati was unstoppable, she overowed with hunting enthusiasm as she and PH Piet put stalk upon stalk upon stalk to get a Wildebeest!  After a long hard hunt, she finally shot a old Medal Blue Wildebeest! 

Congratulations to both of you on your great trophies!

We thank all of you for booking your safaris with us, it is people like you, with a love and passion for hunting, that makes our jobs the best in the world!! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Happy Hunting, Amanda & Piet

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