Bow hunting adventure 2015 – Volume 3

Dear Friends, Fellow Hunters & Adventurers

Wow, time sure does fly when you’re having a great time with wonderful people!!  This has been the experience with our last couple of safaris!  First, we welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Laizure from Walla Walla, WA. Dr. Dan came on a plains game safari with us, bow hunting!  As Bow hunting goes, it is a much more patient and difficult hunt!  Upon arrival, Piet and Dr. Dan sat the first evening for Bush Pig and it was not too long before a big male presented itself!  Dr. Dan took the opportunity and made the shot, but with the light being bad and it getting dark inside the blind, they could not figure out how good the shot was..... they had to wait until morning.  As morning came, we could see on the tracks in which direction the boar went.  It did not take the trackers long to find blood and put the dogs on the trail.  Unfortunately, there is lots of leopard in this are of Zululand and where there is blood, a predator is not far behind.  We never did find the Bush Pig, but Leopard tracks were all over his trail, causing us to believe that the Leopard had a good feast that night!  While the guys were out hunting, Miss Donna and Amanda were out seeing the sights!  They had close interaction with Elephants, went on a boat cruise viewing hippo’s and crocs, took a game drive through our National Game Reserve and while visiting our local Zulu Village, gained some new insight in their culture and history!  It did not take the guys long to get back to the hunt as Dr. Dan shot a big Nyala that next day.  He also ended up taking a Great Natal Red Duiker and a Warthog.  He never did get his Wildebeest and Zebra that miss Donna wanted, as the weather took a turn for the worst making it even harder to bow hunt.  We had a wonderful time with the Laizures and hope to see them back in Africa soon, maybe getting the opportunity at that Zebra & Wildebeest.

Bow hunting adventure 2015 with Safari Njema

Bow hunting adventure 2015 with Safari Njema

Our next safari was with the Charles Family from Ripon CA. Mr. & Mrs. Charles joined us on safari with their 2 girls Vita & Daria!  Upon pick up at the airport, we could already tell that we were going to have an amazing week of hunting and adventure with them.  Its always so much fun to have kids on safari, they soak in so much information and we were excited to have the opportunity to teach them a little bit about South Africa and our wildlife and cultures!  As expected, Mr. Charles and Piet got right down to business the next day, starting with an early morning hunt.  By ten o’ clock they already had a Warthog and Impala down, both huge trophies!  Well done Mr. Charles!!  The afternoon hunt turned out just as good when Mr. Charles got his Kudu - his dream for such a long time!  Everybody was excited and miss Yorbi and the girls were able to join in for some pictures!  That night there was a lot of buzz around the campfire as we reminisced about the day’s hunt!  For day 2, the plan was that the guys would keep hunting while the girls would be off on their own adventure - well that quickly changed as Mr. Charles got his Blue Wildebeest early that morning.  Then it was decided that he would join miss Yorbi and the girls on their sightseeing tours and so we were off to have some fun at the Elephant interaction!  Don’t think for a moment that the hunting was done, NO!  In the afternoon the guys were back out there to hunt Zebra!  The following days were spent visiting the Zulu Villages and taking pictures in the Hluhluwe/Umfolozi game reserve - also some close up encounters with hippo’s on the St. Lucia Estuary.  At night we would all sit around the campfire and take in the events of the day.  We taught the girls to make stick bread on the fire and we even roasted some marshmallows!

We want to thank the Laizure and Charles families for booking your safaris with us.

Thank you for new friendships and memories and for keeping the African Dream alive!! Now, we are off to Tanzania for yet another great adventure! Please visit our website for all our safari pictures -

Happy Hunting, Amanda & Piet

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