LIST Animal Species

Let's brainstorm the various species you can hunt in Africa

It is important as a hunter to plan your next hunting trip and consider the various animal species you want to hunt and therefore we have list animal species.  Once we have established your 'hunting profile' we as professional hunting outfitters will then plan each hunt with you according to the animal's known profile and characteristics when on alert.  Especially when hunting dangerous game, it is always recommended to prepare in cases of wounded animals.  Each species offers its own challenges and when you can successfully meet those challenges, you will most definitely have a satisfying hunt.

African baboon
Baboon (Latin: Papio ursinus) Size: Shoulder height 80cm Mass for Male 30kg Female 18kg
Blesbok Common (Latin: Damaliscus dorcas) Size: height at shoulder 100 cm; weight up to 95 kg
White blesbok
Blesbok White (Latin: Damaliscus dorcas) Size: height at shoulder 100 cm; weight up to 95 kg.
bonte buck
Bonte Buck (Latin: Damaliscus dorcas dorcas) Size: Shoulder height 83 – 99cm Mass 59-95kg
African buffalo
African Buffalo (Latin: Syncerus caffer) Size: It is up to 1.7 meters high, weight between 500-900 kg
Bushpig (Latin: Potamochoerus porcus) Size: Shoulder height 65 – 75cm Mass 70 – 80kg
Bushbuck (Latin:Tragelaphus scriptus) Size: stand about 90 centimetres at the shoulder and weigh from 30 to 80 kilograms
Duiker Common (Latin:Sylvicapra grimmia) Size: length from 17 to 28 in. (40 to 70 cm) (excluding their long tails), weight from 3 to 10 lb (1 to 5 kg)
Duiker Natal Red
Duiker Natal Red (Latin: Cephalophus natalensis) Size: Shoulder height 41-46cm Mass 13kg
Eland (Latin: Taurotagus oryx) Size: height at shoulder 170 cm; weight up to 1 ton in the male.
Elephant (Latin:Loxodonta africana africana) Size: males standing 3.2 metres (10 ft) to 4 metres (13 ft) at the shoulder & weighing between 3,500 kilograms (7,700 lb) 11,000 kilograms (26,000 lb)
Gemsbok (Latin: Oryx gazella) Size: height at shoulder 120 cm; weight up to 300 kg.
Giraffe (Latin: Giraffa camelopardalis) Size: females 4.5 meter tall, males up to 5.2 meter tall; weight 900-1400 kg
Red hartebeest
Hartebeest Red (Latin:Alcelaphus buselaphus) Size: stands almost 1.5 m (5 ft) at the shoulder and weighs anywhere from 120-200 kg (265-440 lb)
Hippopotamus (Latin: Hippopotamus amphibius) Size: 1.5 meters (5 ft) tall at the shoulder, weights males between 1500–1800 kg (3,300–4,000 lbs)
African hyena
Hyena Spotted (Latin: Crocuta crocuta) Size: Shoulder height 70-90cm Mass 50-86kg
African Kudu
Kudu (Latin: Tragelaphus strepsiceros) Size: height at shoulder 150 cm; up to 310 kg
Red Lechwe
Lechwe Red (Latin: Kobus leche) Size: Shoulder height 1m Mass Male 100kg Female 77
African Lion
Lion (Latin: Panthera leo) Size: shoulder height is about 123 cm (4 ft) in males, weight between 150–250 kg (330–550 lb) for males
Nyala (Latin: Tragelaphus angasii) Size: shoulder height up to 107 cm; weight up to 126 k
Ostrich (Latin: Struthio canelus) Size: 2-2.6m Mass: 135kg
Common Reedbuck
Reedbuck Common (Latin: Redunca arundinum) Size: Shoulder Height 85cmMass 65-68kg
Reedbuck Mountain (Latin: Redunca fulvorufula) Size: Shoulder Height 63-76cm Mass 22-27kg
White Rhino
Rhino White (Latin: Ceratotherium simum) Size: Shoulder Height 1.8m Mass up to 2 tons
Roan (Latin: Hippotragus equinus) Size: Shoulder Height 1.3 – 1.5m Mass 230-249kg
Sable (Latin: Hippotragus niger) Size: Shoulder height 1.07-1.37m Mass 181-227kg
Springbok Common (Latin:Antidorcas marsupialis) Size:stands about 75 cm high. Springbuck males weigh between 33-48 kg
White Springbuck
Springbuck White (Latin: Antidorcas marsupialis) Size: Shoulder Height 78 –84cm Mass 36-50kg
Black Springbuck
Springbuck Black (Latin: Antidorcas marsupialis) Size: Shoulder Height 73cm Mass 30-40kg
Steenbok (Latin: Raphicerus campestris) Size: height at shoulder 50 cm; weight up to 11 kg
Suni Livingston
Suni Livingston (Latin: Neotragus moschatus) Size: Shoulder height 35-40cm Mass 5.5-9kg
Tsessebe (Latin: Damaliscus lenatus) Size: Shoulder Height 1.2m Mass 136-145kg
Warthog (Latin: Phacochoerus aethiopicus) Size: height at shoulder 150 cm; weight 250 kg
Waterbuck (Latin: Kobus ellipsiprymnus) Size: height at shoulder 170 cm; weight up to 270 kg
Black Wildebeest
Wildebeest Black (Latin:Connochaetes gnou) Size: (1.15–1.4 metres) at the shoulder weigh 330–550 pounds (150–250 kilograms)
Blue Wildebeest
Wildebeest Blue (Latin: Connochaetes taurinus) Size: height at shoulder 150 cm; weight 250 kg
Zebra (Latin: Equus burchelli) Size: height at shoulder140-160 cm; weight up to 390 kg