Plan Your Hunt

Hunting has a long history before it became popular as a sport.   Most will agree that hunting is more than a sport, and those that practice it may testify of a deeper satisfaction or instinct that is at work inside of them that inspires.  It not only inspires but also conjure a oneness with nature.  However natural and spontaneous it may feel to hunt, to plan your hunt is an important step

At Safari Njema it is most important that your hunting expedition is fun and safe.  We've put together travel information and links that will help you plan hunting trip safaris and we want you to start at the most effective place, so start by brainstorming the animals you can hunt and take the following general points in mind.

Starting point to plan your hunt

Need General Info?

Decide what animals you can hunt and want to hunt. There are a lot of options, such as deer, big five or birds. Please take a look at our packages at the pages Hunting in Tanzania and hunting in South Africa.  This will guide you in prices and in which countries you may hunt certain endangered and protected animals.  You will find packages on these pages, but remember they can also serve as guidelines in planning a more customized safari.  Customized Safaris is our specialty and our packages are many times only a starting point.  Our expertise will ensure that will hunt in the correct seasons and in adherence to the law and bag limits.  We have list animal species of Africa for your convenience to help in brainstorming the animals you want to hunt.


Please contact us directly by email if any further information is needed!


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We have pretty much sorted location out on your behalf with our excellent concessions and experience of various hunting areas.  We know the best hunting spots for your specific safari.  To plan hunting trip expedition in Africa has never been so easy.  We will customize your package according to your need for remote terrain and camp out in tents or less primitive style with lodge accommodation.

  1. Make use of our expertise.  Although we will do the arrangements and advise you it remains your safari.  From hunting a specific animal and handle your weapon to knowing the climate and environment, as well as cook food in the bush we are your companion every step of the way and we love it.
  2. Bring your favorite weapon. We work with beginners and experienced hunters and endeavor to compliment your skill and knowledge at whatever level you are to ensure a more satisfying experience.

We will fill you in on safety requirements according to your level of experience.  From handling your weapon and its safety settings to sharing the hunting plan and being accountable in the bush, Safari Njema values life.  To do a hunting trip in Africa is definitely more feasible with an experienced African hunting outfitter and professional hunter at your side.

To plan your hunt we follow hunting seasons, check the validity of licenses, obtain permissions and take care of all arrangements with hunting concessions.  You are welcome at any time, to ask for feedback in this regard.

Travel Information

Travelling to a foreign country can be challenging, but Safari Njema brings all the help you need, right to your fingertips!! Please use our helpful links below, to help make your traveling easy and sufficient!

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