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Since antiquity, the act of hunting lions was accompanied by valor and legendary retellings!

In many ancient civilizations, lions were reserved for the kings and their hunting expeditions.  In modern times, however, lion hunting remains popular and Africa one of the top destinations.  TANZANIA has an estimated 40 percent of Africa's population of lions and it remains the one place where Safari Njema prefer to take clients on lion hunts.

Lions are unpredictable, agile, intelligent and vindictive.  If it was not killed in the first shot, it will seek revenge. It may lie in wait and potentially charge at the hunter when wounded.  When this happens it would typically target just one person in the hunting party and its intent will be to kill.  Because they prefer to inhabit savannah grasslands covered with growing trees where their mane camouflages well with the underlying undergrowth.  This means that hunting them during the summer is a very difficult task.

Gallery of Lion hunting in Africa by Safari Njema


21-Day Full Bag Safari

2019 Prices

Daily Rates Gov. Fees & Tax. Rifle Permit Total (p.p.)
1 x 1 - $54 750 $9 900 $350 x 1 $63 000

On this 21-Day Full Bag package x1 lion is available to hunt.

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Charter to Hunting Area

(Prices are one way and calculated on max limit but can be reduced on back to back safaris subject to availability)

  • Cessna 206 - $2500
  • Cessna Caravan 1 - $3500


  • Observer fee - $580/day
  • prices may change without prior notice from the Tanzanian government!



  1. Accommodation - Fully Catered
  2. Hunting Licenses
  3. One Gun Import Permit
  4. Dipping, Packing & Crating of Trophies Hunted
  5. Government Development fee
  6. Conservation Fees
  7. Qualified Tanzanian Professional Hunter
  8. Well equipped 4x4 hunting vehicle
  9. Daily Laundry
  10. Soft drinks & bottled water
  11. Field preparation of trophies



  1. Trophy fees as per current price list
  2. Transfer to and from hunting area (road/charter)
  3. Tips for PH and camp staff
  4. Hotel accommodation before and after safari
  5. Personal expenses
  6. Shipping of trophies from Tz to taxidermist


Tailored Outfitting Services

Practicing to do Lion hunting Africa with Safari Njema
Tracking and Lion hunting Africa with Safari Njema
Stalking while doing lion hunting Africa with Safari Njema