Bow hunting in Africa with Safari Njema

Increasing your opportunity to stalk methodically and still hunt with success

Bow hunting in Africa is one of the oldest methods of hunting and existed as a hunting method long before rifles were introduced. It’s very challenging but also very rewarding!  A bow is an extremely lethal and efficient weapon.  Their means of killing are completely different and the methods for hunting with each are completely different.  The most commonly used bows today are the longbow, recurve bow, compound bow, and crossbow.  Cleanly dispatching your trophy is all about your weapon as well as the right arrow and broadhead combination. Your weapon is central!  read more below.

If Bow hunting is what gets your adrenalin pumping, then we are the company to hunt with.

Bow hunting in Africa with Safari Njema


Bow hunting for Plains Game

We offer bow hunting for plains game

Our PH’s are experts in their field, with years of experience, hunting the vast plains of South Africa, the wild bush of Tanzania and the swamps of Mozambique and Botswana.


Bow hunting for Dangerous Game

We offer bow hunting for dangerous game including big five animals in Africa.  

Bow hunting dangerous game requires experience, dangers are real and archers are often stretched to their limits.  Safari Njema adds their experience to a good calculated method when taking clients on bow hunting in Africa Safaris.  Safety is always foremost. 


Exclusive Concessions

Our Concessions cater specifically for Bow Hunting.  We have a variety of regions in South Africa for bow hunting.  Each region is very different from the other, with over 35 different species. The areas we use, cater exclusively for bow hunting, thus the animals are more relaxed when hunting them than they would be in an area where rifle hunting occurs.



We will work with your weapon whether a longbow, recurve bow, compound bow or crossbow.

What it takes?...


Walking and stalking is one of the most challenging ways of bow hunting. It takes a lot of patience, camouflage, and hard work, but when that magnificent trophy is lying on the ground after a successful stalk and a good shot, nothing will ever come close to that feeling again.


Drink it in...

You can FEEL the silence

On these hunting trips, life is either DARING adventure or unsparing indulgence!

Bow Hunting in South Africa

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