Safari Njema’s Hunter Code Ethics

Ethical and Fair Chase Outfitters

Safari Njema employs fair chase hunting and adheres to a strict hunter code ethics.  Being interdependent of nature conservation we follow a holistic approach to hunting and is a stern supporter of sustainable utilization of wild animal species.  In this context, Safari Njema believes that unregulated hunting will pose a significant threat to biodiversity and therefore complies with legal requirements and specifications.

We as professional hunters of Safari Njema:

  • Will conduct ourselves professionally in a manner which will reflect honesty, integrity, and morality.
  • Will obey all laws of the land.
  • Will not misrepresent ourselves to clients in any way or mislead any client
  • Will not allow material gain to supersede principles of fair chase hunting
  • Will not hunt any wild animal that is not normally self-sustainable nor in its natural state
  • Will at all time employ humane hunting practices
  • Will not hunt female wild animals with dependent offspring
  • Will not allow any client to shoot at animals, at a distance beyond their capabilities or that of their equipment
  • Will respect local communities property and input